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We offer a unique set of skills, expertise and experience in the Superannuation and Wealth Management sector. Our team have a proven track record of success and delivery. Clients seek us out and believe in us because we deliver. Always. Our reputation gives them peace of mind.
But it’s not just about our capabilities and what we can do. It’s how we do what we do, and our intuitive leadership that creates high performance teams. It’s about our ability to inspire, educate and empower others, building capability and confidence to act with purpose. In this way, together, we identify and realise opportunities that deliver real value.


Roz Shaw - Principal Consultant

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Roz Shaw leads the Human Capital & People Solutions business.

Celebrating 30 years in Recruitment in 2019, Roz brings a breadth and depth of experience in the delivery of Recruitment and Talent Management solutions. Partnering with some of Australia’s leading organisations throughout her career, she has made it her mission to positively contribute to both an organisation's success in the hiring of talent and to a candidate's career.

As a niche specialist in the Insurance, Superannuation and Wealth Management, she is a linked in insider to these sectors, cultivating an enviable network of contacts and relationships that enable her to provide the highest quality of talent sourcing, talent acquisition and search solutions. She has a trusted and respected brand.

Roz’s expertise and professional assessment of candidates is sought out from those organisations who value recruitment of the best people as a key strategic goal and competitive advantage. The best people are not always looking at online job boards. or following company websites, or talking to internal talent teams, or connecting cold. The best people are aligning themselves with skilled Talent Managers who can influence, guide and represent them professionally in the marketplace, enabling them to achieve their career goals.

As one of the co-founders of WillowBlue Consulting, Roz is committed to ensuring consistency in delivering successful outcomes to develop long term solutions and relationship with clients and candidates alike.

Roz is an expert interviewer and has placed over 1,000 people in new positions. Her ability to successfully navigate through the interview rhetoric to get authentic outcomes reducing the risk of bad hires by recruiting people that stay.

Roz's passion and interests in the future include:

  • enabling more women in leadership from Executive roles to the Boardroom.
  • redefining how women invest and plan for their future in retirement.
  • developing strategic workforce solutions to address gender and cognitive diversity gaps within the Investments arena.

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